2020 Legislative Session Update

COVID-19 Early Session Closure and LGBTQ Policy Updates
Due to the public health crisis, the 2020 legislative session closed early and will tentatively reconvene in May. The abbreviated session meant that several of the bills we saw great momentum on did not make it across the finish line. FreeState Justice and our partners are eager to continue advancing policies to improve the lives of Maryland’s LGBTQ community. Learn more about our victories and progress below:
  • SB0207/HB0206: Unaccompanied Minors in Need of Shelter and Supportive Services
  • SB0735/HB0081: Repealing sodomy law
  • SB633/HB541: Maryland Police Training and Standards Commission – Training Requirements – Hate Crimes
  • SB0206/HB0242: Easing ability to vacate offenses related to human trafficking
  • SB0738/HB1120: Health care provider and benefit plans non-discrimination protections
Did not pass due to early adjournment:
  • SB0554/HB0488: Panic Defense Ban – passed in the House of Delegates
  • HB0706: Establishing Maryland Commission on LGBTQ Rights – passed in the House of Delegates
  • SB0993/HB1204: Inclusive Schools Act – passed in the House of Delegates
  • HB1010: LGBTQ Seniors Bill of Rights
  • HB0427: Waiver of publication requirement for name change – passed in the House of Delegates
Received an unfavorable committee report:
  • HB0639: Public Health – Health Care Professionals – Cultural Competency Coursework or Training
  • SB0401/HB1147: Single-occupancy public restrooms availability (The Accessible to All Act)
The 2020 Maryland Legislative Session will tentatively reconvene in May. We are paying close attention to its developments and will continue to fight for the LGBTQ-inclusive bills that did not pass at our first opportunity.