2022 FreeState Justice Scorecard: Brief Report

A Resource for LGBTQIA+ and Ally Voters

FreeState Justice has created this legislative scorecard to showcase the voting status of Maryland legislators during the 2022 legislative session. These scores were calculated using a mix of evaluative metrics that display both voting records and bill sponsorships. Each of these metrics were then translated into weighted scores that aligned with FreeState Justice’s policy priorities. For example, if a legislator voted for a bill that was a number one priority for FreeState Justice, they received three points. On the other hand, if they voted against a number one priority bill, they would lose three points. Scores could potentially range from 35 to -35, with higher scores indicating more LGBTQIA+-affirming voting.

Additionally, legislators earned extra points for sponsoring bills that promote or protect the rights of LGBTQIA+ Marylanders, or lost points for sponsoring homophobic, transphobic, or otherwise biased legislation. Based on the data collected from the 2022 legislative session, the highest-scoring legislator was Senator Lam with an earned 50 points, and the lowest-scoring legislator being Delegate Parrott with-36 points.

Thank you to our partners at Equality Federation, who collaborated and allowed us to work with the bill-tracking software (Billtrack50.com) to create this report. This would not have been possible without policy powerhouse Corrinne Green and the many other collaborators passionate about the state of LGBTQIA+ inclusive legislation in Maryland. We hope that by holding these legislators accountable, we can continue the push laws and policies that make this state one where all identities can be respected and thrive.

Read the Full Scorecard Here


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