All Students Deserve to Learn Without the Fear of Harassment and Discrimination
Action alert

Action Alert!

We need your help to support critical legislation that protects LGBTQ students in public schools across Maryland. Email or call members of the Ways and Means Committee to show your support, and contact your local legislators. Don’t know who they are? No problem, you can find them here!

The Inclusive Schools Act will codify anti-discrimination protections for all students, Pre-K-12 who are enrolled in our public schools and in schools receiving public funding. It prohibits retaliation against a student, parent, or guardian who files a complaint of discrimination. This legislation establishes a complaint and remedy process by which a student and/or their family can work with MSDE to resolve the discriminatory action. The bill also requires school boards and schools to develop written policies for schools, employees, and students regarding civil rights protections

You can learn more about the bill here.

House of Delegates Ways and Means Committee // HB 1204 Hearing Date: 02/26/2020 at 1:00 p.m.

Member Email Address Phone Number
Anne R. Kaiser (Chair) 410-841-3036 | 301-858-3036
Alonzo T. Washington (Vice Chair) 410-841-3652 | 301-858-3652
Darryl Barnes 410-841-3557 | 301-858-3557
Joseph C. Boteler, III 410-841-3365 | 301-858-3365
Chanel Branch 410-841-3257 | 301-858-3257
Jason C. Buckel 410-841-3404 | 301-858-3404
Alice Cain 410-841-3211 | 301-858-3211
Eric Ebersole 410-841-3328 | 301-858-3328
Jessica Feldmark 410-841-3205 | 301-858-3205
Michele Guyton 410-841-3793 | 301-858-3793
Wayne A. Hartman 410-841-3356 | 301-858-3356
Kevin B. Hornberger 410-841-3284 | 301-858-3284
Julian Ivey 410-841-3326 | 301-858-3326
Mary Ann Lisanti 410-841-3331 | 301-858-3331
Robert B. Long 410-841-3458 | 301-858-3458
Eric G. Luedtke 410-841-3110 | 301-858-3110
Nick Mosby 410-841-3520 | 301-858-3520
Julie Palakovich Carr 410-841-3037 | 301-858-3037
Edith J. Patterson 410-841-3247 | 301-858-3247
April Rose 410-841-3070 | 301-858-3070
Haven Shoemaker 410-841-3359 | 301-858-3359
Stephanie Smith 410-841-3486 | 301-858-3486
Jheanelle K. Wilkins 410-841-3493 | 301-858-3493

Sample Script:

My name is _________ and I live in _______. I am calling/emailing in support of SB993/HB1204. This bill would enshrine the Maryland State Department of Education’s existing non-discrimination guidance for LGBTQ students into law. This law is crucial in providing students with a safe, affirming and inclusive environment to learn and express themselves without fear of violence, discrimination or retaliation. Currently, LGBTQ students are more likely to experience discrimination and harassment in schools with catastrophic consequences: according to the CDC, LGBT students commit suicide at a rate five times higher than their heterosexual and cisgender peers. This law would force schools to explicitly develop policies to protect LGBTQ students and provide pathways to file complaints and resolve cases of discrimination. We believe that our schools should be safe, healthy and supportive environments so that all students can learn and succeed. This law brings us one step closer towards realizing this value.



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