Action Alert! Support SB0196/HB0421 – Modernize State IDs

Every Marylander deserves identity documents that show who they are!
Action alert

Show your support for state ID modernization by reaching out to committee members in the Senate and House.  Their contact information is below.  If helpful, a sample script is available at the bottom of this post.

SB0196 and HB0421 would modernize state ID laws to utilize self-attestation of gender and add an unspecified gender marker. A driver’s license with the incorrect gender “outs” a transgender person in any situation where they need to show their license, such as travelling, applying for jobs or schools, entering any public establishments that require ID, or obtaining any other benefits that require proof of identity. Driver’s licenses that do not match a transgender person’s lived gender can expose them to a variety of negative outcomes, such as unnecessary scrutiny by law enforcement, denial of housing, employment, health or public benefits, and verbal harassment or physical violence. Read more about the issue here.

Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee // SB 192

Member Email Address Phone Number
Robert A. Zirkin (Chair) 410-841-3131 or 301-858-3131
William C. Smith, Jr. (Vice-Chair) 301-858-3634 or 410-841-3634
Jill P. Carter 410-841-3697 or 301-858-3697
Robert G. Cassilly 410-841-3158 or 301-858-3158
Katie Fry Hester 410-841-3671 or 301-858-3671
Michael J. Hough 410-841-3704 or 301-858-3704
Susan C. Lee 410-841-3124 or 301-858-3124
Justin D. Ready 410-841-3683 or 301-858-3683
Jeffrey D. Waldstreicher 410-841-3137 or 301-858-3137
Mary L. Washington 410-841-3145 or 301-858-3145
Christopher R. West 410-841-3648 or 301-858-3648

Environment and Transportation Committee // HB421

Member Email Address Phone Number
Kumar Barve (Chair) 410-841-3990 | 301-858-3990
Dana Stein (Vice-Chair) 410-841-3527 | 301-858-3527
Dalya Attar 410-841-3268 | 301-858-3268
Regina T. Boyce 410-841-3476 | 301-858-3476
Tony Bridges 410-841-3283 | 301-858-3283
Andrew P. Cassilly 301-858-3444 | 410-841-3444
Barrie S. Ciliberti 410-841-3080 | 301-858-3080
Gerald W. Clark 410-841-3314 | 301-858-3314
David Fraser-Hidalgo 410-841-3186 | 301-858-3186
James W. Gilchrist 410-841-3744 | 301-858-3744
Andrea Fletcher Harrison 410-841-3919 | 301-858-3919
Anne Healey 410-841-3961 | 301-858-3961
Marvin E. Holmes, Jr. 410-841-3310 | 301-858-3310
Jay A. Jacobs 410-841-3449
Jay Jalisi 410-841-3358 | 301-858-3358
Stephen W. Lafferty 410-841-3487 | 301-858-3487
Mary A. Lehman 410-841-3114 | 410-858-3114
Sara N. Love 410-841-3454 | 301-858-3454
Charles J. Otto 410-621-0200
Neil C. Parrott 240-329-0293
Vaughn M. Stewart III 410-841-3528 | 301-858-3528
Melissa Wells 410-841-3545 | 301-858-3545
William J. Wivell 410-841-3447 | 301-858-3447

Sample script:

My name is _____________ and I live in ___________. I am calling/emailing in support of SB196/HB421. An undesignated gender marker allows for more accuracy for people who are not represented by “M” or “F,” and gives a privacy option for anyone who does not want to disclose their gender. Furthermore, self-attestation of gender removes a barrier to accuracy for many individuals. Please support SB196/HB421.


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