Baltimore City Police Department Solves Murder of Mia Henderson

"...the BCPD take violence against transgender people seriously."

Baltimore, August 6, 2015 – Baltimore City Police Department announced a major breakthrough today in the investigation surrounding the tragic death of Mia Henderson, a black transgender woman who was brutally murdered in July 2014. FreeState Legal, Maryland’s legal advocates for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) community applauds the efforts of the Baltimore City Police Department.

“While nothing can bring Mia back to this world, we hope that the BCPD’s efforts to identify and bring murder charges against Mia’s attacker will begin the healing process for the transgender community in Baltimore,” said Patrick Paschall, executive director of FreeState Legal. “However, we recognize that true healing cannot be brought about without addressing the systemic issues that make low income transgender people of color far more vulnerable to daily and mortal violence. We at FreeState Legal call for peer led open and honest dialogues where we not only talk about the impact of racism, classism and transphobia, but also strengthen inclusive policies that protects everyone’s fundamental human right to live happy and safe lives”.

“Too often, transgender people experience discrimination, harassment, and violence due to their transgender identity. Today’s announcement sends a clear message to Baltimore’s LGBTQ community that the BCPD take violence against transgender people seriously.”

“As co-chair of the Police Commissioner’s LGBT Advisory Council, FreeState has worked closely with the BCPD in reaching out to the transgender community to identify leads in Mia’s investigation. FreeState continues to provide assistance to the BCPD in solving this murder and the ongoing investigations surrounding the murders of two other black transgender women: Kelly Young and Kandy Hall.”

FreeState Legal Project Executive Director Patrick Paschall was present at the press conference along with Monica Yorkman of Sistas of the “T”, Paul Liller of the GLCCB, Merrick Moise of the Office of the State’s Attorney for Baltimore City, the detectives that solved the case, and Police Commissioner Davis.


FSLP Press Release- Baltimore City Police Department Solves Murder of Mia Henderson 8.6


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