Leadership Circle Members


Thank you to our 2018 Leadership Circle members!
Mark Procopio & Christopher Vaeth
Joe Rooney & Ian Tresselt
Susan Silberμ
Ryland SumnerΦ & Courtney Cass
Diane StollenwerkΦ & Maggie McIntosh
David Vignoloμ
Chuck Walter
Jessica WeberΦ & Nancy Eddy 
Mara Drummond
Lois FeinblattΦ 
The Golden West Café
Niko GraffΦ
I. Pete Hanna, M.D.Φ               

Ronald HokemeyerΦ
Stephen & Marion Kay
Liz Moser
RiannaΦ & Kibibi Matthews-Brown
Barbara and Sigmund Shapiro  George NilsonΦ & Sarah Landon
Rheda Becker & Robert Meyerhoff
The Honorable Ellen Heller & Shale Stiller
Anne Blackfield
David & Mikel Blair
Ron Daniels & Joanne RosenΦ
WoodyΦ & Heidi Derricks
David Doudsμ









Φ Denotes a FreeState Justice Board Member / μ Denotes a monthly, sustaining donor

Every attempt has been made to ensure the accuracy of this list. We apologize for any mistakes or omissions. If you would like to make a correction to this list, please email info@freestate-justice.org.

Last updated 5/21/18.