FreeState is Hosting an LGBTQ+ Symposium!

We invite you to submit a session to share with community members this summer
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This summer, FreeState Justice is hosting an LGBTQ+ Symposium, showcasing the knowledge, research, and experiences of our community members across Maryland. Fill out the form linked here to submit a session proposal.

What is the LGBTQ+ Symposium? 

The symposium will consist of recorded sessions on topics in Legal, Health, and Education tracks, available for free on our website beginning June, 2022.

In addition to recorded sessions, FreeState will host a series of live educational and community events on Fridays in June.

Why is FreeState hosting an LGBTQ+ Symposium?

Because of the pandemic, we have spent the past two years without many of the conferences, in-person pride parades, and events that connect us to our amazing community across Maryland. This summer, we want to take the time to catch up with what you have been working on, what research you’ve conducted, and what coalitions you’ve started. We want to hear about the big questions that you are working through, and your individual and organization wide victories!

In addition to sharing hours of recorded content on our website, the symposium will have live events (in person or virtual, COVID depending) including a community party on Friday, June 24th.

Who should submit a session proposal for the LGBTQ+ Symposium?

You should! The request for proposals form is open to everyoneWe are interested in sessions on lived experiences, new research, best practices for creating affirming spaces in schools, healthcare, and elsewhere for LGBTQ+ individuals and families, updates on recent and upcoming policy changes, and more. Every presenter will receive a $200 honorarium for their participation.

Submit your session proposal today!


Contact! We are happy to brainstorm ideas for sessions, help you write your proposal, or answer any questions about the LGBTQ+ Symposium.


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