FreeState Justice’s Response to the Dobbs Decision

We will not stay silent. We will fight back.

Last week, the U.S. Supreme Court ended 50 years of bodily autonomy, stripping the right to freedom of choice over one’s body from millions of people. This right is essential in maintaining the individual liberty of every person within this country, and its loss is heartbreaking and extremely frightening for the thousands of individuals who relied on it to access essential healthcare procedures. 

With approximately half of the states preparing to ban abortions (and some doing so as we write this statement) people who can get pregnant suddenly find themselves without control of their own bodies, their families, and their futures. Forced pregnancy is a human rights violation shown to create serious health risks for the individuals it’s inflicted upon, derailing their life plans and making it extremely difficult to escape poverty and abusive partners. With this decision, the Supreme Court is not only expressing that they do not care for the millions of low-income, often LGBTQIA+ and POC people who will be impacted by this choice, but that they support a state’s government violating the rights of those it is meant to serve. 

The Court’s assault on the freedom to choose has far-reaching impacts beyond a person’s right to abortion. The rhetoric that fueled individuals to attack this right will urge them to go further, to eliminate the rights to privacy, intimacy, and marriage that Roe vs. Wade and Planned Parenthood v. Casey cemented. It is particularly alarming for the LGBTQIA+ community as this decision shows that the landmark rulings our community has fought for are not secure. That SCOTUS is ready to continue stripping away the rights of minorities in this country until we have no legal protections to live authentic and equitable lives. 

FreeState Justice stands in solidarity with those affected by today’s decision and commits itself to supporting those hurt by this case. We are ready to use every resource to fight against this blatant discrimination and uplift fellow advocates in fighting for the inherent rights that have been unjustly taken from us. If you would like to support us in this fight, please visit here to see how you can become involved. 

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