FreeState Legal Disappointed in Gov. Hogan’s First 24 Hours

UPDATE: Gov. Hogan has now revised the Executive Order and Medicaid regulation to include both sexual orientation and gender identity.

In his first 24 hours in office, new Maryland Governor Larry Hogan took two actions that are disappointing for LGBTQ Marylanders: withdrawing a proposed nondiscrimination regulation for the state Medicaid program, and issuing an executive order on nondiscrimination that does not mention gender identity.  While disappointed in these actions, FreeState Legal is optimistic that dialogue with Gov. Hogan and his staff on issues affecting the LGBTQ community will enable the Governor to correct these missteps and continue Maryland’s forward progress on LGBTQ equality.

Read the full joint press release from FreeState Legal and Equality Maryland.

UPDATE (1/26/2015): In response to advocacy from FreeState Legal and Equality Maryland, Gov. Hogan reissued his Executive Order late on Friday afternoon.  It now includes gender identity.  Click here to read the revised Executive Order. We applaud Gov. Hogan for correcting the Executive Order, and continue to urge him to allow publication of the amendments adding sexual orientation and gender identity to the Medicaid provider nondiscrimination regulation.

UPDATE 2 (1/28/2015): We have now learned that Gov. Hogan will allow the Medicaid nondiscrimination regulation to take effect, including both sexual orientation and gender identity.  We applaud this decision by the new administration!


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