FreeState Testifies Before the Kirwan Commission

LGBTQ student needs must be included in the Commission's discussions and recommendations

At the November 29 hearing of the Commission on Innovation and Excellence in Education, also known as the Kirwan Commission, FreeState Justice’s Executive Director testified for the inclusion of the needs of LGBTQ students in the Commission’s discussions and recommendations.

You can read the full testimony here.

FreeState called on the Commission to include the following in its final report to the General Assembly:

  1. Ensure LGBTQ youth issues are included in discussion of the cultural competency of teachers and school leaders
  2. Consider LGBTQ student outcomes and experiences when determining the resources that all school districts need to adequately support LGBTQ students
  3. Focus on addressing racial inequity throughout the funding formula and other proposed recommendations that impact student opportunity and achievement
  4. Recommend the adoption of standard LGBTQ student policies across districts.


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