Youth Board Member Application

FreeState Justice is accepting applications for a Youth Board member. To apply, please click here to fill out the application form:


What is FreeState Justice?

FreeState Justice is a social justice organization that works through direct legal services, legislative and policy advocacy, and community engagement to enable Marylanders across the spectrum of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) identities to be free to live authentically, with safety and dignity, in all communities throughout our state.

What are the benefits of being a Youth Board Member?

  • Serves as an introduction to the operation of non-profit organizations and gives exposure to protocols and procedures of a Board of Directors
  • Creates an opportunity to help influence how a statewide organization supports young LGBTQ people
  • Offers a chance to gain leadership experience and learning to be treated as an equal in an LGBTQ friendly environment
  • Enables a deeper connection to the LGBTQ community and an introduction to more established members of that community
  • Provides unique experience that can be used as a resume booster when applying for jobs or to college

What are the responsibilities of the Youth Board Member?

  • Attend Board meetings on regular basis (four per year)
  • Join and participate in one committee (focus areas include finance, governance, policy, and events)
  • Actively participate in Board meetings by asking questions and expressing opinions, in order to best represent young LGBTQ people based on personal experience and understanding
  • Provide informed votes on Board matters except as noted in the section below
  • When requested by the Board, gather opinions from other students and help with outreach on pertinent topics
  • As all Board members are asked to contribute financially to FreeState Justice, the youth member should make a monetary donation to the organization in whatever amount they choose (Small contributions are acceptable)

What are the requirements and policies for the Youth Board Member?

  • The youth member should be between 16 and 18 years old and have a commitment to the LGBTQ community
  • The term for a youth member shall be one fiscal year; a youth member may be elected to a second term if still eligible
  • Due to legal limitations as a minor, the youth member may vote on all matters before the Board except those relating to:
    • Personnel
    • Capital and operating budgets
    • Employee/Board disciplinary matters
  • Also due to legal limitations as a minor, the youth member may not attend or participate in a closed or special meeting of the Board or Executive Committee; nor can they serve on the Executive Committee
  • Consistent with the approach applied to all new Board members, the youth member will be assigned a Board member as a “buddy” following election to the Board

To apply, please click here to fill out an application form:

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