Inclusive Schools Toolkit

Why Do We Need It?

All students deserve to pursue education in a space that acknowledges, respects, and affirms their identity. FreeState Justice’s Programs team works throughout the year in schools throughout the state offering training to students and school faculty on how to make their space an inclusive one. This has given us a unique insight into what LGBTQ+ individuals in Maryland public schools go through and has allowed us to work closely with multiple local administrations to help make their campus’ welcoming to all. 

What Is It?

This toolkit speaks to Baltimore City Public School teachers, staff, and other key school personnel, but can be used by students and their families as well. It contains important information about federal, state, and local Baltimore City Public School non-discrimination policies and provides an easy-to-use guide on how to report discrimination; it also provides a comprehensive LGBTQ+ 101 section on topics like: how to respond if a student changes their name, gender-inclusive restrooms and changing facilities, pronoun usage, and much more.

Access the Inclusive Schools Toolkit Here


Assistance Is Available

The toolkit also emphasizes how FreeState’s legal and resource programs can meet the diverse needs of LGBTQIA+ students across the state of Maryland. Additional external resources related to mental and physical health are also provided. If you or anyone you know may need legal services or health resources, please direct them to fill out one of the forms below.  

Fill out the FSJ Legal Intake Form Here

Fill out the FSJ Resource Program Form Here

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