Needs Assessment Reveals Five Most-Pressing Issues Facing LGBTQ Marylanders

Pushing Back: A Blueprint for Change

Needs Assessment Reveals Five Most-Pressing Issues Facing LGBTQ Marylanders

February 13, 2019

Free State Justice today announced the findings of the first-ever known statewide effort to collect data on the resiliencies and needs of Maryland’s LGBTQ community . The five most urgent and pressing concerns elevated in the assessment include Street Harassment, Affordable and LGBTQ Friendly Healthcare, Education, Reliable Employment, Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault. These issues and other insights are covered in the assessment, Pushing Back: A Blueprint for Change.

Evident in the findings is a pronounced and urgent demand for accountability, recognition and dignity. Respondents commonly spoke about the need for rights to help promote their safety and the safety of their loved ones in everyday life, when seeking healthcare, at school or work, and at home.

“In our work with clients and in coalition with other organizations, we see daily what this report clearly illustrates: the impacts of bias and discrimination continue to effect the LGBTQ community in Maryland in serious ways.  We hope this report will serve as a powerful tool to increase visibility and elevate our community’s needs to policymakers, advocates, and elected officials.” said Mark Procopio FreeState Justice Executive Director.

Over 500 LGBTQ Marylanders contributed to this research showing a chorus of voices calling for concrete and real change. This is an opportunity for advocates, allies, and movement builders to step forward and become architects of a future where LGBTQ Marylanders can work, live, and raise families without fear of harm.

The report will inform the advocacy work and strategic planning of FreeState Justice.

Read or download the full needs assessment here.