Remembering José Bahamonde-González

In Memoriam of a Maryland Trailblazer

We are deeply saddened to announce the passing of a beloved FreeState Justice Board member, José Bahamonde-González.

Known as Pepe to those close to him, Jose has long been an advocacy powerhouse in Maryland. Along with serving as a role model for the countless students he educated over the years, Jose’s work at local law office Miles & Stockbridge ensured that Maryland citizens had access to an inclusive and diverse legal system. He is remembered for his jovial laughter, the genuine friendships he held with those close to him, and his steadfastness in standing up for those in his many communities. He represented them with pride and dedicated his life to making sure every person had access to the same opportunities that he did. We will remember Jose for this kindness that he worked to spread throughout his world, and we promise to continue his life-saving work. We offer our condolences to Gerald Popko, Jose’s partner of 27 years, during this time.


In loving memory of his mentor, FSJ Legal Director Philip Westry said,


I knew him as Dean Jose. He was a mentor to me, one who always had a big smile and was never without words of wisdom and encouragement. He had a tremendous impact on my life and the lives of many in our Maryland community and beyond. He will be greatly missed.


You will be remembered, Jose. Rest easy.


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