The Story of My Name Project

Pride Reception and Reading

The Story of My Name Project is an exciting opportunity for Maryland-based transgender and gender non-conforming folks who have gone through the name change process.

Our goal in sharing these stories is to empower individuals who have received a name change to share their journeys, and to also highlight the importance of having a name that affirms your identity.

For the past several months, many of our name change clients have chosen to participate in this project, and generously shared their powerful stories of identity, recognition and truth. Join us on Wednesday, July 22nd from 7 to 9:30 PM at R  at Red Emma’s for an evening reception as we hear some of these stories come to life. Refreshments served. The lovely Jack Pinder will be hosting!

Red Emma’s is located at 30 West North Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21201

Special thank-you to Tyler Mendelsohn of FreeState Legal Project for coordinating this incredible project. If you have any questions, contact Tyler at

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