The Trans Health Equity Act has passed in the Maryland Senate!

This landmark legislation is moving forward!

Yesterday, it was announced that the Trans Health Equity Act had passed in the Maryland Senate and was heading to the Governor’s desk for review. This is monumental progress for such an important bill. We are proud to be part of the coalition of advocates who have worked tirelessly to pass this bill. We celebrate their commitment to our communities and are excited to work with them to push forward even more inclusive legislation. We also thank the legislators who have committed themselves to its passing for the sake of trans* communities throughout the state.

The Trans Health Equity Act is essential to improving the lives of trans* communities by removing discriminatory barriers that withhold resources from these and other marginalized groups. It would make access to gender-affirmative care immensely easier for all Marylanders and make it much more difficult for trans* communities to face denial of vital care from health programs. This legislation passing would bring us closer to making this Maryland more inclusive and equitable for all, making lives better for thousands throughout our state.

Please read below for a message from our Executive Director:

‘This is a big deal. As states across the country move in the wrong direction, Maryland is getting it right. The passage of the Trans Health Equity Act was a team effort. I think Trans Right Advocacy Coalition (TRAC) deserves a lot of credit for their organizing on this and other legislation this session. Senator Mary Washington and Delegate Anne Kaiser were clear-eyed in their support, along with Baltimore Safe Haven and Trans Maryland. FreeState Justice is thrilled that we could be a part of this landmark legislation; we cannot wait for trans* folks throughout the State to have access to the life-saving care they deserve finally. ‘ – Phillip Westry, Esq.


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