Victory: Gov. Hogan Reissues Executive Order and Medicaid Nondiscrimination Regulation

The Executive Order and the Medicaid regulation will now include both sexual orientation and gender identity.

Last Thursday, FreeState Legal and Equality Maryland criticized Gov. Hogan’s actions, in the first hours of his administration, to pull from publication an amendment that would add sexual orientation and gender identity as protected categories to Maryland’s regulation prohibiting discrimination by Medicaid providers, and to issue an Executive Order regarding nondiscrimination by Executive Branch employees that omitted gender identity.

We are now pleased to report that, in response to our advocacy, Gov. Hogan reissued the Executive Order (now including gender identity as well as sexual orientation), and has decided to allow the Medicaid provider nondiscrimination regulation to take effect (including protection from discrimination on the basis of both sexual orientation and gender identity).  We expect the Medicaid regulation to be formally issued in the coming weeks and to take effect by late February.

FreeState Legal applauds the new administration’s decision to support equal opportunity and access to health care for all Marylanders.

If you have questions or concerns about how these decisions affect you as a member of Maryland’s LGBTQ community, please contact FreeState Legal.


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