We Have To Fight For Our Right Of Bodily Autonomy!

FreeState Justice won't stand by and watch our rights be threatened!

This week, a draft decision by the Supreme Court leaked which showed plans by five Justices to reverse the constitutional right to abortion established in Roe V. Wade and Planned Parenthood v. Casey. Though the decision is not final, this leak shows that the conservative-majority Supreme Court is primed and ready to revoke the right to bodily autonomy for people who can get pregnant across more than half of the United States. This comes at a time when sweeping anti-LGBTQ+ legislation is being passed throughout the country, and we cannot ignore the countless conservative legislators working to strip away the rights of our most marginalized communities. From access to abortions to children being able to learn about their identities in the classroom, we are watching policymakers threaten our most integral rights.


FreeState Justice is fighting on a local and national level against these attacks. Our legal and policy teams are working daily to support legislation protecting our rights and make sure everyone in our LGBTQ+ Maryland community is represented and protected in the legal process. We will go against any agency that threatens our people, and we encourage you to join our fight in any way you can. 


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