2018 Legislative Scorecard

FreeState Justice has been at the forefront of advocating positive policy changes for Maryland’s LGBTQ+ community. FreeState is pleased to introduce a Legislative Scorecard from the 2018 legislative session to track voting records on LGBTQ related issues in the Maryland Senate and House of Delegates.  Each Maryland Delegate and Senator is given a number of points corresponding to the number of bills they vote for. Points are awarded to legislators who vote for positive change, and points are subtracted from legislators who vote to hinder the rights of the LGBTQ community.

The scorecard has links to the texts of relevant bills from this legislative session in the Legislation tab. These bills include SB 1028 (banning conversion therapy on minors) and HB 1224 (The Ending Youth Homelessness Act of 2018). By clicking on the columns in the Bill Score tab, you can sort voting records on each bill by party, house chamber, or district. Choose whatever method of sorting that works best for you.

We want you to have the most up-to-date information on the stances of our local legislators. We can continue to hold our legislators accountable by being informed of their voting records.

Scoring System

  • +2 points for sponsoring a positive bill
  • +1 point for voting for a positive bill
  • 0 points for abstentions or votes not present
  • -1 point for voting against a negative bill
  • -2 points for sponsoring a negative bill

The points are tallied up to give an overall picture of each legislator’s record on LGBTQ+ related issues.

If you have questions about the scorecard, please email executivedirector@freestate-justice.org.

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