Training and Education

Who are we?

FreeState Justice is a legal advocacy organization that aims to improve the lives of low-income LGBTQ Marylanders. We believe that the most effective learning comes through honest and authentic dialogue; activities are centered in storytelling, self-reflection and the honoring of community voices. We encourage thoughtful discussion and participant engagement. Our goal is for every participant to leave with a concrete foundation of knowledge and best practices tools to implement and share their new knowledge.

What do we do?

FreeState Justice provides comprehensive and interactive trainings that empowers stakeholders in education, law enforcement, violence prevention, foster care, and the juvenile justice system to build safe and inclusive spaces for LGBTQ individuals. We also facilitate workshops at a variety of conferences.

Sample Workshop Topics:
• General LGBTQ 101: Terms and Basic Concepts
• Foster Care
• Housing Services
• Healthcare
• Intimate Partner Violence
• Meeting the Needs of Homeless LGBTQ Youth
• Legal Protections at the State and Federal Levels for LGBTQ People
• K-12 Education
• Law Enforcement
• Trauma Informed Care and Language

For more information, please visit this page for descriptions of each topic.

Who do we work with?

In short, we work with lots of people! Listed below are just some examples of people and areas to whom we have provided trainings and/or other educational resources:


Request a Training, Speaker or Other Resources

Want to bring us to your organization or conference? Request training, speaker, or other resources here!

Additional questions not answered here?

Contact Ezra Halstead, Director of Education and Outreach, at

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